WatersOAG Roundtables programme & topics, February – June 2017

February: “The latest labor legislation changes which all HR managers need to know in 2017”

  1. Basic changes to labor legislation in 2016. The practical impact of these changes in labor relations
  2. Changes to labor law effective 2017
  3. Overview of important legislative bills that are effective or may be shortly. Changes for 2017

March: “Appealing acts of the State Labor Inspectorate”

  1. Strategy for employers undergoing audits of the State Labor Inspectorate
  2. Decisions of the State Labor Inspectorate and the procedure for appeal
  3. Ways to discharge administrative liability
  4. Ways to prove the absence of responsibility for the company CEO
  5. Steps to reduce the amount of administrative fines
  6. Case law as instructions to defend the company’s interests

April: “Current problems of HR recordkeeping. Professional standards and independent qualification assessment”

  1. The meaning of the professional standards and their purposes

2. Information regarding mandatory professional standards

  1. Professional standards as assistance in the specification of labor functions and responsibilities
  2. Conditions and the procedures to terminate employment of an employee for non-conformity with professional standards
  3. Complete guide for independent qualification assessment

May: “Employer’s mistakes in the termination of employment: case law and preventive actions”

  1. General rules of employment termination. The most common mistakes in connection with violations of procedures
  2. Review of common mistakes: Termination of employment initiated by employer; Voluntary termination of employment by employee; Termination of employment by agreement of the parties;Termination of employment on other grounds.
  3. Implementation of the guidelines by employer to prevent mistakes associated with termination of employment.
  4. Overview of case law

June: “Overview of case law regarding resolution of labor disputes. Employer’s actions for prevention of losses in typical disputes”

  1. Ranking of the most frequent labor disputes.
  2. Methods of prevailing in lawsuits involving: Employee reinstatement; Recovery of wages; Recovery of material damages
  3. Other common employer/employee disputes. Tactics to protect the company interests.
  4. Methods of organizing effective judicial and pre-trial work within the company.  Designation of the person responsible for resolving labor disputes within the company. Pros and cons of Lawyer, HR manager, security services.

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