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Personal Income Tax Management

WatersOAG provides a full range of services (from consulting on the preparation of tax returns to the filing of tax returns) for individuals, including both citizens of the Russian Federation and non-citizens.

We offer services to foreign citizens who are temporarily residing in Russia, as well as to Russian citizens having various sources of income in Russia and abroad, or are long-term residents in other countries.

Services for Individuals:

  • Consulting on issues related to personal income tax taking into account several jurisdictions.
  • Assistance in determining the responsibilities of declaring and paying taxes in Russia or other jurisdictions.
  • The preparation and filing with tax inspectorates personal income tax returns and the calculation of tax payments.
  • Conduct negotiations with tax inspectorates on the crediting of taxes paid in other countries and deductions.
  • Assist in the process of obtaining a return of overpaid taxes from the Russian tax authorities.
  • Assist in working with tax inspectorates to secure various confirmations re: (1) the payment of taxes in Russia; (2) the residential status of the individual in Russia; (3) that the individual is not in arrears of taxes owed to the government of the Russian Federation; (4) other confirmations.

Services for Corporate Clients:

In addition to our general consulting services and preparation for the reporting of taxes, we also provide:

  • Consulting with employers on matters of taxation for non-Russian employees as well as for Russian employees working in foreign divisions of Russian companies.
  • The development and structuring of employee incentive programs.
  • Analysis and optimization of company compensation packages and bonus programs.
  • Assistance in securing clarification from tax inspectors on various matters that are related to the taxation of company employees.

Useful Information:

  • Non-Russian citizens residing in Russia for more than 183 days in a 12-month period are considered tax residents of Russia.
  • Tax residents of Russia are obligated to declare all their income sources throughout the world.
  • Russia does not always require foreigners to pay taxes. However, to identify possible exemptions for the payment of taxes it is necessary to analyze agreements between Russia and the country of the foreigner’s citizenship to determine ways to avoid double taxation.
  • Russian law requires that a declaration of one’s personal income must be filed annually by the 30th of April