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WatersOAG Seminar (Russia): 2020 Employment Law Update

This seminar is an annual review of the most significant developments in Russian labor and employment law, as well as new legislation and emerging trends. Designed for experienced employee relations/human resources professionals and lawyers.

This publication is being translated now and will be uploaded soon. Thank you for visiting WatersOAG. To read in Russian please follow the link below.

Round table: Legal aspects of Digitalization in Labor Relations in Russia

Event Organizer – WatersOAG, Law Firm




Event Information Sponsor – American Chamber of Commerce in Russia






To register please proceed to http://eepurl.com/ggYhbf

Seminar Outline:

  1. General trends in the application of digital technologies in labor relations
  2. Overview of changes in laws related to digitalization of labor relations
  3. How to prepare for the transition from paper based workbooks to electronic workbooks
  4. Legal force and standing of emails, SMS-messages, messages in instant messengers and social networks
  5. Electronic monitoring and control over employees
  6. Electronic signatures in labor relations
  7. Which personnel documents can be processed electronically
  8. Employees’ electronic accounts within company HR systems as a means of optimizing HR management and records keeping
  9. Issues of electronic communication with remote workers
  10. Review of judicial practice related to digitalization and employment