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(Russia) Rent Reduction Opportunities Due to Coronavirus

WatersOAG Law Firm lawyers provide legal support on matters related to reduction of rental payments for the use of real estate such as offices, warehouses, store premises, etc.

Measures introduced by the Russian Federation include the following methods of payment reduction in applicable situations:

Option 1. Exercise the right to reduce rental fees without altering other conditions of the lease

Method 2. Exercise the right to delay rental payments

Method 3: Modify other conditions of lease contracts which affect rental fees

Method 4. Identify other methods to alter rental fees

WatersOAG lawyers specialize in real estate and land matters successfully helping tenants identify their rights to reduce rental payments, conduct appropriate negotiations and properly document new agreements.

How we can help:
  • Conduct legal assessment of specific situations and the possibility of applying certain measures to reduce rent in connection with the corona virus issues;
  • Determine the deadlines for applying for the relevant rental benefits;
  • Conduct negotiations with lessors;
  • Prepare letters of demand, letters of notification, draft additional amendments to lease agreements, etc.;
  • Represent tenants in court on all matters regarding rental payments.

For immediate assistance contact WatersOAG Law Firm, Ms. Olesya Galkova by phone +7.495.989.2279 or via info@watersoag.com