Construction Project Legal Support

Construction projects require some of the most complex legal work, involving not just the contract itself but addendums, design and budget estimate documentation, schedules, project outlines etc. There are also ongoing legal issues involving phasing of construction work, documentation of achieved stages, imperfections, payments for work that is only partially completed or work with deficiencies, extension of performance deadlines, etc.

In many instances, construction companies (both general contractors and subcontractor) sometimes fail to pay adequate attention to the details and formalities at the time of contract execution. This may result in many serious issues including claims for multi-million dollar losses and various penalties even with  projects that really had no performance issues. Potential damages are of course greatly exacerbated when there are serious performance failures.

WatersOAG can assist in protecting the construction company’s interests by:
  • Assuring and documenting clarity during the negotiation process prior to contract execution
  • Defining significant points from a legal standpoint that clients should control during various stages of construction contract execution
  • Executing procedural documentation (or advising clients on execution of such documentation) related to construction contracts, such as notices, claims, minutes of meetings, acts of acceptances, etc.
  • Analysis of judicial prospects of certain disputes arising from construction contracts
  • Pretrial negotiations and litigation

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