Services in the Field of Self – Regulation (SRO)

Услуги в области саморегулирования

With the abolition of mandatory state licensing of various types of activities related to the security of facilities, the health of individuals and environmental applications, the responsibility for monitoring the work of specialized companies has shifted to self-regulatory organizations (SROs).

Companies are required to join a SRO and obtain from it a certificate of approval to perform work.

The approval decision is issued by a special committee that carefully studies the applicant’s proposed operations as the basic principle of self-regulatory organizations is collegial responsibility of all participants for the operation of each participant. To avoid rejection and obtain timely approval, it is critical for the applicant to submit competently prepared documents. The most common reason for denial of an application is incorrect or insufficient documentation.

WatersOAG provides professional assistance in obtaining SRO approval at all stages of the process, from choosing which self-regulatory organization to join through receipt of approval. Our firm offers a full range of services relating to the SRO as well as registration of its approval in order to carry out activities in the fields of construction, project design, surveying and other operations, a list of which has been developed by Decree of the Ministry for Regional Development.

WatersOAG professionals provide specialized legal consultation on all matters in the field of self-regulation, preparing the necessary documentation promptly and competently to ensure resolution of all the issues.

How we can help:

Joining a SRO

  • Advice regarding the legal requirements for joining a SRO
  • Advice on choosing a SRO
  • Preparation of the complete package of documentation for submission to a SRO
  • Conducting negotiations with non-commercial partnerships for receiving a Certificate of approval for the declared type of work
  • Complete support in the process of joining a SRO, culminating in the issuance of the Certificate of Approval for the declared type of work

 Registration of approval for particularly dangerous types of work

  • Preparation of documentation for receiving approval for hazardous or dangerous types of work
  • Registration of the material-technical basis of your company
  • Advice in the selection of employees required for approval by a SRO
  • Advice on improving the qualifications and passing of certification of professionals
  • Registration of ISO certification
  • Obtaining approval for work in particularly hazardous, unique and technically complex facilities

The renewal of Certification of approval for work from the SRO

The adjustment or renewal of Certification may be required in the following instances:

  • Increase or Reduction in the types of work certified by the SRO
  • Revised legislative requirements
  • Change in the company official name as a member of the SRO
  • Change of the company’s location as a member of the SRO
  • Addition of hazardous types of work, unique or technically challenging work

Advice during SRO inspections

  • Preparation of the documentation needed for planned and/or unplanned inspections

Advice regarding professional training of employees

  • Advising the company in matters related to improving employee qualifications, certification  and testing
  • The selection of the University  to utilize for proper training as required by company’s activity
  • Determine the optimal training programs
  • Submitting the necessary documentation for obtaining higher qualifications

Obtaining ISO certification

  • Preparation of the documentation for obtaining ISO certification


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