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Migration Support

Companies employing foreign professionals in Russia and the CIS are concerned about both operational issues and the on-going registration of required documentation for such professionals so that the company can meet its business objectives.

WatersOAG offers a strong support mechanism for business by efficiently handling the registration of documentation and providing support for major events that are related to the organization and movement of a large number of foreign personnel.

WatersOAG advises the clients, independently completes the required documents, tracks upcoming deadlines, submits the documentation to the state authorities and then completes the project by obtaining the documents and ensuring their speedy delivery to its clients.

WatersOAG serves customers throughout the Russian and the CIS where we have developed and streamlined work processes in the relevant regions.

Key areas of support

Registration of documents

  • Registration of work permits
  • Registration of invitations and visas
  • Registrations of all types of notifications required by state agencies
  • Registration of Temporary Residency permits
  • Registration of Permanent Residency permits (Residency Status)
  • Registration of special permits and passes for travel to restricted areas within the Russian Federation

Legal Support

  • Consultation on issues of migration, labor and tax legislation
    The optimizing of budgetary resources of companies for their migration needs
  • Review of migration documentation
  • Support during inspections conducted by representatives of the Federal Migration Service, the Labor Inspectorate and the Prosecutor’s Office
  • Appealing the decisions of state authorities


  • The provision of WatersOAG specialists for work in client offices
  • Outsourcing services for coordinating employment of expats
  • Educational seminars and individual training and support

The advantages of working with WatersOAG

  • English speaking specialists
  • Courier express service in Moscow, throughout Russian as well as globally
  • Informational updates on client activity, notification and clarification on issues concerning migration legislation
  • Efficient, Economical and Professional Services
  • Strong client support at all stages

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