WatersOAG provides comprehensive legal support to clients in all stages of the bankruptcy process: from legal advice in the planning stages to the evaluation of risks where management and company founders are facing liability issues to representation of the interests of the parties involved with regard to state authorities.

WatersOAG professionals specialize in representing the interests of the various parties involved in the bankruptcy process such as debtors, creditors, insolvency managers and trustees.

How we can help:

Services for founders and management

  • The examination of grounds for filing for bankruptcy protection, as well as advising on matters related to the liability of company officials.
  • The structuring of upcoming bankruptcy procedures, (feasibility analysis) planning various processes during the bankruptcy proceedings taking into account particular features of implementing transactions during the bankruptcy process.
  • Legal support in bankruptcy proceedings, from filing for bankruptcy protections to direct participation in all stages of the process.
  • The assessment, consultation and legal support of such issues involving: the lifting from seizure of an organization’s assets, receiving a deferment in the repayment of debts, assessing the validity and settlement of a creditor’s claims, etc.
  • Contesting various transactions to facilitate the return of debtor assets.
  • The collection and recovery of Accounts Receivable.
  • The representation of the interests of the client in relation to creditors, state and law enforcement authorities.

Services for creditors

  • Analysis of the grounds for filing of the debtor’s petition for bankruptcy protection.
  • Support for the submission of a creditor’s claims for inclusion in the register of creditors.
  • Contesting the claims of other creditors in the bankruptcy.
  • Representing the interests of creditors at various meetings.
  • Contesting illegally concluded transactions.
  • Appeal certain actions of the trustees.

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