(Russia) Procedure for Notifying Ministry of Internal Affairs Regarding Payment of Salaries for Highly Qualified non-Russian Personnel

In accordance with the immigration laws of the Russian Federation companies must notify, on a quarterly basis, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of execution of an obligation to pay salaries of Highly Qualified Specialists, indicating the amount of salary paid for the previous quarter.

Notifications for the first quarter of 2020 should be completed until April 30, 2020.

Notifications may be submitted directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or sent by registered mail via Russian Post Service.

In connection with the measures taken by the Russian Federation to counteract the spread of COVID-19 virus infection, some days in April 2020 have been declared non-working. Therefore, government agencies and post offices business hours are different from the usual, which shall be taken into account when planning the notification procedure.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the quarantine regime, we recommend that companies proceed to submit notifications in the upcoming business days.

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