Discussion on Preparation and Handling of Employer Inspections by the Federal Labor Inspectorate

The Round Table discussion dedicated to the Federal Labor Inspectorate that monitors and controls employers was held on June 21, 2013. Topic was of great interest. Participants asked their questions, shared experience and exchanged their ideas.

Feedback from participants:
Please allow me to express my many thanks to you, to all the organizers and in addition to all those who participated in the seminar. It was my first time taking part and found the experience to be extremely helpful to my work. What was most advantageous was the way in which the seminar was organized, specifically its duration, which allowed participants the necessary time to focus, understand and discuss the issues. I hope to participate in similar events in the future.
A specialist in HR administration and benefits….

I am very pleased that I decided to take part in the Round Table hosted by the firm of WatersOAG. Thanks to the professional and accessible presentation of the material by the speaker, as well as the relaxing and friendly atmosphere that always seems to emerge at events hosted by WatersOAG, the participants (including the speaker) supplemented theory with practical case studies; and that for me is especially valuable.
I will with great pleasure participate in any such future events
Administration Director…

Photo Report:

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