2013 Labor Law Changes Discussed at WatersOAG November 15 Seminar

HR managers and specialists focused on special aspects of employment agreement conclusion and termination, internal labor order and labor discipline, secondary employment as well as military registration within the company as the lead speaker gave close attention to such as grounds for termination, order and procedure as well as proper document execution.


“Thank you very much for your attention to this topic and organizing this seminar.  IiIt was held with the greatest care in a pleasant atmosphere. The speaker is true professional who presented the topic not only in a very interesting manner, but, that is most important, explained it intelligibly. It was a positive experience!” -Head of HR recordkeeping

“I really liked the format  –  round table, few participants and very comfortable environment. Pleasantly surprised by the speaker. She explained the topic in a clear and interesting way so I learned a few new details as well as get answers to questions proved to be very useful. Unfortunately, Alina and I were late and were already embarrassed to ask speaker`s name. If opportunity occurs, I will be sure to attend the seminar on personnel matters once again, because Repetition is the mother of learning”, and life, as they say, cannot be specified by  Labor Code as controversial issues always arise, and sharing experience with colleagues is always helpful and pleasant! Thank you very much!”- Head of HR department

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