“Difficulties of Payroll Calculation” A WatersOAG Seminar November 22, 2013

Chief accountants, compensation specialists (including heads of HR departments) and others listened to various examples regarding the calculation of average earnings and wages for weekend and public holidays including overtime pay per summarized recordings of working time.

There was great interest in the discussion on vacation pay.  . Key issues included how to calculate vacation pay if the company exercises summarized recording of working time and the amount of vacation pay if employee’s vacation is interrupted.  Many other examples were discussed as well.

At the conclusion of the seminar, participants noted the high professional level of the speaker, the easy and clear method of the presentation.  Participants expressed their desire to continue to attend subsequent events on the subject.

”Thank you very much for the seminar. I found it very interesting, informative and held in a pleasant atmosphere. I think it was highly organized. I’d like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Tatyana Nikolaevna.  With great pleasure I will attend future seminars. It would be very interesting to talk about difficult cases of interaction with non-budgetary funds, insurance premiums calculation as well as payment due to sick leave and benefits.” -Head of Payroll Payment Department

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