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(Russia) Rent Reduction Opportunities Due to Coronavirus

WatersOAG Law Firm lawyers provide legal support on matters related to reduction of rental payments for the use of real estate such as offices, warehouses, store premises, etc.

Measures introduced by the Russian Federation include the following methods of payment reduction in applicable situations:

Option 1. Exercise the right to reduce rental fees without altering other conditions of the lease

Method 2. Exercise the right to delay rental payments

Method 3: Modify other conditions of lease contracts which affect rental fees

Method 4. Identify other methods to alter rental fees

WatersOAG lawyers specialize in real estate and land matters successfully helping tenants identify their rights to reduce rental payments, conduct appropriate negotiations and properly document new agreements.

How we can help:
  • Conduct legal assessment of specific situations and the possibility of applying certain measures to reduce rent in connection with the corona virus issues;
  • Determine the deadlines for applying for the relevant rental benefits;
  • Conduct negotiations with lessors;
  • Prepare letters of demand, letters of notification, draft additional amendments to lease agreements, etc.;
  • Represent tenants in court on all matters regarding rental payments.

For immediate assistance contact WatersOAG Law Firm, Ms. Olesya Galkova by phone +7.495.989.2279 or via

(Russia) Procedure for Notifying Ministry of Internal Affairs Regarding Payment of Salaries for Highly Qualified non-Russian Personnel

In accordance with the immigration laws of the Russian Federation companies must notify, on a quarterly basis, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of execution of an obligation to pay salaries of Highly Qualified Specialists, indicating the amount of salary paid for the previous quarter.

Notifications for the first quarter of 2020 should be completed until April 30, 2020.

Notifications may be submitted directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or sent by registered mail via Russian Post Service.

In connection with the measures taken by the Russian Federation to counteract the spread of COVID-19 virus infection, some days in April 2020 have been declared non-working. Therefore, government agencies and post offices business hours are different from the usual, which shall be taken into account when planning the notification procedure.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the quarantine regime, we recommend that companies proceed to submit notifications in the upcoming business days.

(Russia) NON-Fulfillment of Commercial Contracts in Connection with Coronavirus

The governments of different countries have taken measures in connection with the threat of infection with Coronavirus. Such measures may affect the ability to fulfill obligations under commercial agreements both by your company and by your counterparties with respect to your company. So, for example, measures associated with the closure of enterprises, factories, may affect the ability to purchase and supply certain goods. Measures in connection with the transfer of employees to quarantine can slow down or suspend business processes.

The possibility of using force majeure circumstances (Article 401 of the Civil Code of Russia) or other legal instruments (Articles 416, 417, 451 of the Civil Code of Russia) in order to fully or partially refuse to fulfill obligations under a commercial contract should be assessed from the point of view of applicability to each specific obligation.

In other words, Coronavirus is not an automatic reason for terminating the contract. Otherwise, the company may receive a lawsuit in the future to recover damages.

Lawyers of WatersOAG will conduct a legal assessment of the contracts and the nature of the obligations, as well as specific circumstances that can or cannot be used as the basis for a complete or partial refusal to fulfill obligations in your case.

How can we help:
  • Assessment of commercial contracts and substance of obligations.
  • Assessment of the possibility of using Coronavirus as a circumstance for a complete or partial refusal to fulfill obligations (due to Articles 403, 416, 417 or 451 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) under the contract.
  • Preparation of a notice to counterparties on a complete or partial refusal to execute contracts in connection with Coronavirus.
  • Assessment of risks of refusal to execute contracts.
  • Legal assessment of positions of counterparties that violate the fulfillment of obligations referring to Coronavirus.

(Russia) Coronavirus related Remote Work Organization and Legal Support to Companies and Employees

Companies are concerned about possible safety of their employees when doing business under the threat of coronavirus infection.

WatersOAG  provides legal advice on the following matters:

  • Employees’ remote work organization
  • Time off,  temporary disability granting and calculation
  • Business trips (including to epidemically disadvantaged countries) organization
  • Idle time at work implementation
  • Remuneration policies evaluation and adaptation
  • Assessment of the legal consequences of certain actions of employers or employees in the face of the threat of coronavirus infection.

In case of questions on this subject, please contact WatersOAG through Mr. Eugene Shemakhansky +7.495.989.22.79 ext. 322.

Round table on Non-Standard Modes of Work

The WatersOAG round table “Flextime, Shift, Overtime and Remote Work: Legal Implementation and Proper Formalization” held on April 01, 2014 was attended by specialists to discuss specifics of non-standard working modes, differences between irregular working hours and  working beyond normal hours  and to receive practical advice as well as to share experiences with colleagues.
The event was attended by heads of HR departments, HR managers, specialists engaged in HR records management and payroll accounting.
Participants were engaged in a round table discussion and had opportunity to receive comments of the speaker on issues of interest, such as engagement of employees to work beyond normal working hours, maintaining timesheets for different work modes, compensation for work on public holidays, etc.

Each participant received a personalized certificate confirming participation in the round table.


“Thank you for organizing such a round table with an outstanding speaker! Very valuable and informative!”
Administrative Manager

“Many thanks to the organizers for such topics and meetings”
Personnel Inspector

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the round table! The workshop was really useful as it gave an opportunity to learn the practices of other companies as well as focus on key moments with respect to work within a weekend and overtime. It was also useful to read handouts after in order to scrutinize issues raised within the workshop. If you hold similar round tables in the future we will be very glad to visit them”.
HR Service Center Supervisor
Human Resources

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WatersOAG at World Congress of Entrepreneurs

14-17_Site_Конгресс предпринимателей2014.docx

The World Congress of Entrepreneurs held from the 17th to the 20th of March, 2014 was organized by the Moscow City Government and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (USA).

The Congress brought together delegates from more than 150 countries. Each day of the event was devoted to a specific topic covering the most pressing questions about the creation and development of small and medium-sized businesses.  Prominent businessmen, investors and government officials gathered to discuss ideas for stimulating economic growth, welfare and the innovative potential of young entrepreneurs.

WatersOAG had the unique opportunity to meet with outstanding global businessmen and learn the latest trends of entrepreneurship and public policy in different countries aimed at creating a progressive environment for business development.

Cancellation of Workplace Certification – Questions Still Remain

On March 14, 2014 the seminar “Workplace certification replaced by special evaluation of working conditions” was held by WatersOAG. This event was attended by representatives of occupational health services and HR managers of major Russian and foreign companies.
The large number of procedural issues associated with special evaluations of working conditions let the participants actively debate and share their experiences. The speaker discussed specifics of the special evaluations as well as preparations that should be made prior such an evaluation. Special attention was paid to the regulatory framework and increasing coefficient of insurance payments to the pension fund for “harmful” class of work environments.
These and a variety of other questions were discussed within the roundtable.

“Thank you for the seminar. The provided information is very useful and, as importantly, is applicable in practice. I will be happy to attend such seminars and recommend them to colleagues”.

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